Glendale, though believed to be a city predominantly populated by a single racial group, is far more diverse than initially expected. This metropolis city, populated at 199,301 people, holds data that could be both intriguing and surprising, even for locals.

The three highest ethnic percentages according to Census Reporter include…

The most powerful superheroes are said to be those who hold a pointer stick, and decorate their desk with a red apple. Their greatest superpower is educating young children with limited attention spans. Lately, they’ve taken on a new challenge, sitting face-to-face with a microphone, computer screen, and 30 8-year-olds.

Taleen Petrossians during her morning Zoom session with the kids. She chooses to log-in inside her classroom because she says having her husband teaching online at the same time is nearly impossible. Not to mention, her two kids are learning in the other room, as well.

Gentle pops, the sounds of a spinning microwave fills the room with excitement. Her hands wrap around the handle, opening the steel-colored microwave door. The aroma of buttery and lightly toasted popcorn releases. She shakes the bag and the small, yellow kernels tumble into the plastic, red bowl. …

Angelica Tatevosian

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